Galaxy Map 2.0

Redesigning the Galaxy Map had long been a passion project for myself and SWTOR's senior UI programmer, Erin Wentworth. We finally got the chance to rebuild it from the ground up for the game's 5.0 expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The previous map existed as a 3D level, and by moving it entirely into the UI, players could instantly access it from anywhere with zero load time, and the game designers could add new destinations to the map in a fraction of the time.

Jon wofford 1

Exploring the map at the galaxy level

Jon wofford 2

Zooming to a region

Jon wofford 3

Opening a destination

Jon wofford swtor 2019 03 07 09 49 36 77

Galaxy view

Jon wofford galaxy map 1

Zoomed in view

Jon wofford galaxy map 2

Destination view - planet

Jon wofford swtor 2019 03 07 09 50 13 06

Destination view - space battle