Free Photoshop Script -- Increment & Save!

General / 26 July 2019

I write a lot of custom Photoshop scripts and actions for myself, and I've been meaning to start sharing some of them out with the internet at large in case other artists find them as useful for their workflows. Now that Artstation supports free stuff in the store, this seemed like a great time to share a handy  script! 

After Effects, Maya, and C4D all have wonderful "Save Incrementally" functions that let you just mash a single button to save your current file out as a new automatically-numbered revision. I love to explore variations on themes, and I am super paranoid about losing any of them, so I do incremental saves constantly. Unfortunately, Photoshop doesn't have this feature, so I whipped up an "Increment & Save"  script to add it. I have it bound to a hotkey (the same one as After Effects) and I mash that bad boy pretty much all day long.

And now you can too, regardless of your credit history, because it's free!

You can grab it here, along with installation instructions.